Catechism Competition at St. Thomas More on Gaudete Sunday

December 15, 2019
St. Thomas More Priory

How does it work?

Saint Thomas More Priory hosts its traditional Catechism Competition, on Gaudete Sunday.

The competition is held in the garden of the Priory, after the noon lunch supplied at the priory. Multiple teams of up to four members each answer several rounds of questions that focus on different truths of their Catholic Faith. The theme of this year's competition is the priesthood. 

The teams compete for the honor of holding the first place trophy, which the winning team will keep until the following year's competition. As a further incentive to foster their erudition, the top three teams will also be awarded gift certificates to the bookstore as well as other prizes.

The Theme of the Year: the Priesthood

1.     Catechism: Holy Orders and Holy Sacrifice of the Mass
2.     Magisterium: Ad Catholici Sacerdotii (Pius XI, 1935)
3.     Holy Scripture: Epistle to the Hebrews (St. Paul)
4.     Patron Saint of Parish Priest: St. John Mary Vianney (We recommend the biography by Mgr. Trochu)
5.     Virtue of Religion (in particular St. Thomas Aquinas Summa IIa IIae, 81, art. 4, 6, 8)

Junior Competition

This year, students from 4th to 8th grade are invited to a Junior Competition. The questions will be adapted to their level, and special prizes will be given.
They are invited to arrange themselves in groups of 4 members each, as the adults.

Resources Booklet

A study booklet is available online (see PDFs below) or upon request at the Church Office.

Catechism: Holy Orders & Holy Sacrifice of the Mass >

Virtue of Religion >

Magisterium: Ad Catholici Sacerdotii (Pius XI, 1935) >

Holy Scripture: Epistle of St. Paul to the Hebrews >

Life of the Saints: St. Jean-Marie Vianney >


All are invited. There is no reservation needed, but in order to facilitate the preparation, you are invited to register in advance by providing the names of your team members and your team. 
A sign-up sheet is available in the Church vestibule. You can also register via st[email protected] or call (407) 212-3032.

St. Thomas More Church - 550 Riverview Ave - Sanford, FL
See map >

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