Consecrations to Saint Joseph in Times of Plague

March 20, 2020
Source: Priory Orlando

Plagues have a long history in Europe, and when Christians were in the midst of such a crisis, they frequently turned to St. Joseph.

An entire village

In 1638, an old man living in a village near Lyon and having suffered from the plague, which then desolated this city, asked his parish priest if, apart from human remedies, he could not indicate to him a means of saving his life.
Make a vow to celebrate the feast of Saint Joseph every year by confession and communion, and to prepare yourself by a novena.

The old man made the vow that was indicated to him, and immediately the plague disappeared from the village.

Theodore Augery

Mr. Augery, lawyer and member of the parliament of Dauphiné, was in Lyon during the plague which afflicted this city, in the year 1638. He saw one of his children, Théodore, seven years old, afflicted with the plague and all the signs which predicted an imminent and inevitable death. In his extreme pain, the afflicted father addressed St. Joseph with the greatest confidence, and promised him, if he saved his son, to go for nine days to hear Holy Mass in the church which was dedicated to St. Joseph, to burn candles in front of his image, and to place an ex-voto whose inscription would recall the benefit due to his intercession.
However, the doctors visited the young victim; they found him in such a deplorable state that they immediately took him to the lazaretto, giving him only two hours of life. The order was carried out; but as soon as he arrived at the lazaretto, the child suddenly found himself cured; and the father, full of gratitude for his glorious benefactor, fulfills his vow, with great devotion and piety. (The Glories of the Catholic Church.)

Avignon and Lyon

The entire cities of Avignon and Lyon were saved from the plague by the intercession of St. Joseph: as the plague exerted its fury in the city of Avignon, the clergy and the magistracy resorted to St. Joseph and vowed to celebrate every year his feast with great solemnity if he delivered them from this cruel epidemic. From then on, there were no more new victims and the scourge disappeared entirely.
The plague appeared to Lyon and exercised its ravages. The invasion was terrible, and it was believed for a moment that the city was going to be entirely depopulated. However, informed by the example of the Avignon people, the inhabitants of this great city resorted to the same means, and the effect was the same. This is where the Lyon's people special devotion to Saint Joseph dates from. (The Glories of the Catholic Church)

Vow to Saint Joseph at St. Thomas More

Following these examples of Faith, our Prior Father Marc Vernoy, made a vow to honor St. Joseph with a special statue and an annual procession if he protects the priests and our parishioners in Florida during this time of disease.

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