Christ the King International Festival

October 27, 2019
Sanford, FL

Join us to celebrate Our Lord Jesus Christ, true King of all nations, on Sunday, October 27th.

Mass Time Changes
Jacksonville: 8:00am - Fort Myers: 7:30am


9:30   Solemn High Mass at St. Thomas More
Procession of Christ the King

Following, the International Festival will take place in the garden of the Priory.

Plan to take the stage to sing, play instruments, and dance. Be prepared for the customary festival hayride, a silent auction, and many delicious dishes and drinks from the numerous countries.

St. Thomas More Priory - 500 Riverview Ave - Sanford, FL
(407) 872-1007
email: [email protected]

The feast of Christ the King is traditionally celebrated on the final Sunday in October. It was promulgated by Pope Pius XI on December 11th, 1925 in the encyclical Quas Primas, in which the Holy Father wrote:

The empire of our Redeemer embraces all men… His empire includes not only Catholic nations, not only baptized persons who, though of right belonging to the Church, have been led astray by error, or have been cut off from her by schism, but also all those who are outside the Christian faith; so that truly the whole of mankind is subject to the power of Jesus Christ… all men, whether collectively or individually, are under the dominion of Christ. In him is the salvation of the individual, in him is the salvation of society… For a nation is happy when its citizens are happy. What else is a nation but a number of men living in concord?