The Braves from St. Thomas More Church Visit Saint Augustine

February 16, 2020
Source: Priory Orlando

Some months ago, in St. Thomas More Church a new opportunity has been offered to young boys. The Braves, a long-year scouting program for 8-12 years old boys, gathered the nine first "cubs" of our community. Here is the report of their last meeting in Saint Augustine, on Saturday, February 15, 2020.

Today's meeting was a day-long trip to Saint Augustine. At 8 am, the boys were called to the lineup. Afterward, the boys got into the van, and we began our journey to Saint Augustine. Along the way, the boys prayed the Rosary and practiced mentioning the graces and virtues of each of the glorious mysteries, along with a few words for a good meditation before each decade.

Upon arriving in Saint Augustine, we met with Father Medina who led us into the Colonial Quarters, where the boys got to see, and even participate in some of the exhibits. These exhibits included 16th-century cooking, canon fire and weaponry, sword fighting, 16th-century attire, Priests' vestments, and even kite knitting. All of the exhibits had demonstrations, and explanations being given by the instructors. Priests' Vestments, in particular, was being demonstrated by Fr. Medina and explained by Fr. Duverger, mentioning all the vestments, what they mean, how they are worn, and what prayers are prescribed while putting on each vestment.

Vesting Prayers for Mass >

At 12 pm, The Braves took a walk to the Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche to have their lunch. Then, we made a visit to Our Lady in the chapel, explored the grounds, visited the museum, and then walked over to the Fort.

Once we arrived at the Fort, Castillo de San Marcos, the boys prepared for the Ceremony of Promise, in which Brendan and Robert would make their promise. As Brendan and Robert's parents could not be present, the parental delegation was given to Leader John. 

I promise to do my best for God, my parents and my country, to help my neighbor every day and to obey the Law of the Braves.

That is the solemn promise which makes a novice a Brave. The two boys had prepared this day with efforts and challenges acknowledged by their parents and leaders. They also recite the Law of the Braves, which they begin to practice daily at home and at school.

The Brave is always obedient
The Brave is always honest
The Brave is always of good will
The Brave puts others first.

After the ceremony, the boys made their way back to the van, and we returned to the Priory. On the way back, the two clans were quizzed on everything they had learned, and both clans did well. Along the way, Brent, Ricardo, and Isaac were picked up by their mother, and the rest continued on to the Priory. Once we arrived, the boys lined up, and then greeted Black Robe and their Leader John goodbye after the energetical cry of their Motto: "I do my best!"