July Homeschool Gathering in Laurel Hill, FL

July 31, 2021
Source: Priory Orlando

Thank you to all the families from near and far for helping to make another successful homeschool gathering in Laurel Hill, FL.

We had 17 children and 4 fathers in attendance for our second gathering. After warming up with several rounds of "Four Square '' we took time to cool off and discuss the basics of "How Things Fly" which included demonstrations on thrust, lift, drag, and a successful model rocket launch and recovery of 5-10 rockets. 

After the Angelus, lunch, and some free time (of swinging from vines) the afternoon was concluded with several organized games of dodgeball and soccer. 

We look forward to next month's event discussing "Simple Machines" by our resident engineer Mr. Kelvin Sandigo. August 25th 10a -2p.

Please spread the word!