From the Principal's Desk About this Year Theme: The Martyrs of La Florida

November 29, 2019
Source: Academy Orlando
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Dear Friends and Benefactors,

Some of the most beautiful chapters of History happened right here in our beautiful Florida.

Five centuries ago, the Spanish planted the Cross on our land, bringing with them the Faith, the best of the European culture to the Natives. The result has been long years of a little Christendom where Faith inspired the social life of more than 70,000 Indians living a peaceful and joyful Catholic life.

However, modeled on the Master’s life, the sorrowful mysteries would follow for La Florida.

The British, inspired by Luther, came and systematically destroyed this kingdom of Christ in no time. Allied to and arming the unfaithful Creeks, they sacrificed hundreds of martyrs, with cruelty that only satanic forces can inspire. When the trade of Florida and Cuba eventually brought the war to an end, less than a dozen Catholics, the last remnant of the flourishing Floridian Christendom, abandoned St. Augustine to sail to Cuba.

Then like the silence of the sepulcher, three centuries of forgetfulness and ignorance covered these glorious heroes and martyrs. Fifty years ago, however, this story and its many details began to be revealed. God -who always manages everything with wisdom- is now shining the light on His Martyrs for our amazement and our encouragement!

The Cause of these martyrs is advancing, although still in the stage of collecting information, digging into the Cuban and Spanish archives in order to be presented to Rome.

This is the reason why we chose for our Academy, as an inspiring year’s theme, the Martyrs of La Florida.

Following God’s Providence who shines the light upon His past saints for the edification of those who presently labor for their salvation, we want to give to all the children and parents of Saint Thomas More Academy privileged access to the heroic martyrs who yesterday gave their life for witnessing the divinity of Jesus Christ who is yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

We have planned many activities, reading, poetry, art, and trips on this subject to inspire all to follow these heroes of our land in their indefectible attachment to Jesus.

The field trip of our 5-8 graders in November was the starting point of this plan. This month we will dedicate our classrooms to the young Martyrs, taking them as models and special intercessors.

Next month, Dr. Mary Soya, Vice Postulator of the Cause of the Martyrs, will visit our school and give conferences on La Florida Martyrs. You are all cordially invited to join us and listen to her, on Friday, December 7, at 11:00am.

More will come. Much more has to be told…

Asking all these Martyrs to assist us in our daily task in forming new Saints, I assure you of my dedication and service, and gratefulness for our untired generosity which makes it possible.


In Xto Rege
Pierre Duverger